Project: "Mitticool Clay Refrigerator"
Company:Universal Designovation Lab LLP
Designer(s): Mansukh Prajapati, Bhagvanji Sonagra, Bhavin Dabhi, Neha Srivastava, Sujit Prasad, Rahul Gohil, India
Category: Design for Society, Professional
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Entry Description: Conserving fruits, milk and potable cool drinking water are basic requirements of all households. However, initial high cost of a refrigerator as well as recurring costs especially in terms of electricity bills prevents poor, and lower middle class people from buying it. World first Mitticool clay Refrigerator has offered an alternative that fulfils these basic requirements at an affordable cost. Mitticool Refrigerator is made of clay, which utilizes the age old principle of ‘cooling through evaporation’. The topmost section holds water, which very slowly drips down the sides. As the water evaporates from the porous clay surface, it cools the interior, enabling you to store fruit, vegetables, milk and other food items. This refrigerator can maintain vegetables fresh for 4-5 days and it can also keep milk and buttermilk fresh for 24 hours. Further, it keeps the original taste of food intact. The evaporative cooling system has been enhanced based on internal solar battery operated fan and top air pass system clay design.

About the Designer/Company
Universal Designovation Lab LLP.(UDLab) is multiple award winning and a Leading strategic product development firm from India. The firm is Lead by famous Indian Product Designers Bhavin R.Dabhi & Bhagvanji M.Sonagra. UDLab specializes in custom product design, machine design, medical product design and design research. We deliver on our promises. We take responsibility for every part of the assignment we are tasked. UDLab brings together international award winning industrial designers, researchers, strategists and engineers to help achieve your business objectives. UDLab exists to make your lives easier.