Project: "EcoLife - Healthy Brathing - Portable indoor air quality SMOG & VOC detector"
Designer(s): "Piotr Sobczyk" "Adam Pastuszka" "Piotr Matyasik" "Rafal Mrowka" "Grzegorz Gniadek" "Pawe? Piatek" "Tomasz Dziwinski", Poland
Category: Design for Society, Professional
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Entry Description: Indoor EcoLife station Indoor IoT device to measure - SMOG pollution – continuously monitors the quality of the air in the room in which it is located. Measurement parameters are: PM 10, PM 2.5, VOCs (Voltaic Organic Compound), temperature, humidity, air pressure. Visually communicated through appropriate colour signals on the device (red - alert, green - standard). Cloud solution accessible through your smartphone’s and website. Community - social platform –mesh network of devices that shares data with registered users. Easily checks SMOG pollution levels in any part of the city, including indoor & and outdoor data based on mesh network devices. Do not have sharp rounds, do not "have buttons". Steering and configuration of the product is using touch-sensor, what makes product coherent in look and feel. There is a one port mini USB. Using is simple and easy. The device is white what symbolizes "pure and clean" air and environment.

About the Designer/Company
EcoLife is a project to deliver portable indoor Smog & VOC pollution detector. Design under direction of Piotr Sobczyk.