Project: "Tilia Obsidian Flatware"
Company:Studio William Welch Ltd
Designer(s): William Welch MA(RCA), FSCD, FRSA Martin Drury MA (RCA) , United Kingdom
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Tilia Flatware is designed as a beautiful transition between Eastern and Western cultures, Chopsticks meeting knives forks and spoons. The pattern is deliberately elongated and slender looking with beautiful 4.5mm gauge handles in the forks and spoons for refined weight and balance. The black titanium allows Tilia to obtain an aesthetic relationship towards Eastern Cultural use of beautiful lacquered (or Shellac) varnishes often used in wooden chopsticks and bowls. The black titanium is then off-set against white dinnerware to make a stark and striking silhouette to help create a unique dining experience.

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