Project: "Hide and Seek "
Company:Fraction Design Studio
Designer(s): Fraction Design Studio, Celine Ng, Eshton Chua, Singapore
Category: Flora and fauna, Professional
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Entry Description: Your life centres around your cat. We know that, we have cats too. That’s why Hide and Seek has been designed with cat owners in mind. Consisting of the Hide coffee table, and the Seek cat toy, the collection seamlessly integrates a pet’s habits with our daily lives. Imagine coming home after a long day at work. You’re looking to unwind and play with your furry friend, and he pops his head of a hole in your coffee table, his attention fixed on the spinning Seek toy. That’s our goal with Hide and Seek—a breezy, effortless combination of lifestyle and pet ownership. http://www.fraction.sg/hide-and-seek/

About the Designer/Company
Fraction Design Studio is a part of a larger whole, a fuller picture. Focusing on clients’ needs, the studio aims to deliver honest, compelling designs through creative, offbeat explorations with its counterparts. Led by Celine Ng, it has collaborated with Swedish flooring company BOLON and Singapore furniture retailer XTRA. Meandering across different design disciplines, Fraction Design Studio crafts its works focusing on timeless aesthetics over fleeting fads; adequacy and relevance over excess.