Project: "Estadio Sonora"
Company:3Arquitectura / Dynfra
Designer(s): 3Arquitectura / Dynfra-Dynamica Infraestructura Rafael Plascencia García Marco García Ruíz Oswin Gúzman Gómez Carlos Valenzuela, Mexico
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: Located in the capital of Sonora, the ballpark is not only the first building, but also the main driver of the urban planning project called Puerta Oeste, which is the new expansion area of the city. Estadio Sonora was designed to be the iconographic symbol of the region. Architecturally, it represents the crater of the volcano Colorado in the Pinacate biosphere reserve nearby. This analogy has, in fact, generated a sense of belonging and identity amongst the population. The project is defined as a single wrapping movement. The building’s geometry builds itself from the bottom up. In its interior the ballpark offers a top-notch field. Arranged around the perimeter of the stadium, slopes emerge from the ground, depicting the flanks of a volcano. The main objective was to host games of international standard. Estadio Sonora was inaugurated in 2013 during the 55th Caribbean Series.

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