Project: "Toulon Drive"
Company:Studio William Hefner
Designer(s): Studio William Hefner, United States
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: A family commissioned a new home with an emphasis on natural light and the surrounding landscape. The contemporary design house rises from the site, presenting the street with a dynamic fašade in which rugged walls of concrete and metal provide privacy to the first floor while soaring glass at the second floor fills the house with natural light. Tilted roof planes nod to the traditional sloped roofs of the neighborhood. Inside the hard shell of concrete, metal and glass, the interior is warm and inviting. Living spaces flow together in an open plan, with cues in the finishes and lighting strategies to subtly differentiate spaces. The natural textures of the materials bring an intimate, human scale to the bright, airy volumes. The art studio, a uniquely serene and private space, is bare but for a window onto a private garden and a skylight system that composes its entire roof.

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