Project: "Grand River Public Space "
Company:Touloukian Touloukian Inc
Designer(s): Touloukian Touloukian Inc , United States
Category: Other Architectural designs, Professional
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Entry Description: A new restaurant building and park is situated along Grand River Avenue leading into the center of downtown Detroit. This urban revitalization project and new public space is being created to anchor the emerging neighborhood, spur economic development and provide a quality place for the community in the surging and vibrant downtown district. Central to its modern geometry are strong cantilevered roof forms gesturing towards the historic G.A.R. building and the parkís elliptical lawn, and a grand stair leading to a roof deck on axis with the historic Book Tower Building. Connections to the park landscape are further created with a green roof, and sliding glass walls that provide a flexible indoor outdoor floor plan that supports restaurant seating, a farmerís market, musical performances and a community meeting room. Forms, systems, and details are evocative of the automotive legacy of Detroit.

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