Project: "Macunaíma"
Company:CASA REX
Designer(s): Agency: Casa Rex Designers: Gustavo Piqueira   Team: Samia Jacintho / Alex Gyurkovicz / Marianne Meni Print production: Caroline Vapsys / Deborah Salles / Laura Haffner / Marcela Souza / Michele Santos / Victor Sassaki , Brazil
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Entry Description: Graphic project for a icon of Brazilian culture — the classic modernist novel (1928), that narrates the journey of an anti-hero that is, at one point or another, of all founding Brazilian races, in an unparalleled image of Brazil’s national identity. A ‘living’ book. A restless object in a dynamic 'fold-unfold' format, in which 16 illustrations printed in silkscreen were folded inward, leaving the reader with the task of exploring the aesthetic possibilities of the object, deciding how he prefers to experience it: as he can both ignore the images, keeping them folded after their visualization, and play with the innumerable possibilities of composing mosaics, in a fold-unfold that reveals a prism of graphic constructions, with the “flaming freneticism” of the very narrative written by Mario de Andrade in 1928.

About the Designer/Company
Casa Rex is a highly acclaimed international design consultancy credited with over 100 awards, with offices in São Paulo and London. Headed up by Gustavo Piqueira, a multi-cultural team of almost 40 people develop strategic design for global consumer brands; original design for editorial, corporate and environmental projects; and cutting-edge experimental design for anything from typefaces to homeware - affirming that Casa Rex can’t be boxed in the traditional “agency” or “design studio” terms. To know more, please access: www.casarex.com