Project: "Don't Be A Bot Promo"
Designer(s): PS Design, United States
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: After a contentious political year rife with social unrest, we set out to create something simple, fun, and tactile that everyone can appreciate, regardless of their political affiliation.  At the same time we wanted to poke fun at the self-contained opinion bubbles that are so pervasive today, and send a subtle message that you should never blindly follow what you are told. The concept for the promo is simple: Build a robot, don’t become one. Each bot arrives flat shipped in a festive metallic red bubble mailer. The artwork is screen printed on 1/8th" plywood, then laser cut to create the individual pieces. Each of these pieces is held in place with tiny holding tabs that are left uncut to keep them in place for the recipient to pop out. Finally the recipients connect the pieces to form a three dimensional figurine.

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