Project: "Raquel Allegra"
Company:Montalba Architects
Designer(s): Montalba Architects, Inc., United States
Category: Other Interior designs, Professional
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Entry Description: Much like the clothing itself, the first Raquel Allegra boutique is a mix of luxury and comfort, familiarity and exclusivity, detailing and experience. This juxtaposition of seemingly contrasting ideas created the framework for the design approach, materiality and configuration. By preserving elements of the existing space, a balance is achieved between new and old, rough and refined. The long, narrow footprint is naturally lit through the north facade and two central skylight features on opposite ends of the space. By organizing merchandise along the east and west walls and suspending the solid brass fixture racks from the ceiling, a clean, open floor plan is maximized both visually and programmatically. Polished concrete floors and rough stucco walls encase the refined metal fixtures and glass dressing rooms. A louvered wooden ceiling sits just below the roofline, mimicking the existing structural elements while concealing necessary conduit and electrical wiring.

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