Project: "Fall Campaign"
Company:Sanky Inc
Designer(s): Sanky Inc, Design Director Regina Weick, Designer Karl Smudski, United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: In 2016, the Great Elephant Consensus announced its findings: poaching had reduced Africa’s elephant population from more than 1 million to just 350,000. African Wildlife Foundation, the continent’s oldest and most trusted conservation organization, asked us to use this devastating news to motivate donors to support their anti-poaching strategies. We created an integrated campaign with a powerful cultivation piece at its foundation. A responsive landing page illustrated the decline of Africa’s elephants with a compelling story about a 7-year-old elephant and her prospects for the future. Video, still images and animated infographics brought her story to life. Emails and social media directed visitors to the page and then to online donation forms. Messaging about the Elephant Census carried over into three direct mail letters which and their accompanying inserts using some of the same photos and info graphics.

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