Project: "Visual Identity & Branding for the Albuquere Youth Symphony Program "
Company:desigNV [design + envy]
Designer(s): desigNV [design+envy], United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The Albuquerque Youth Symphony program is an organization that instils and promotes a passion for music in the highly diverse, gifted and indigent youth of the city through their symphonic ensembles. The brand and visual identity for the Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program has been inspired by a conductor’s hand, poised in midair to immerse the audience and performers into a musical symphonic composition. It captures that poignant moment when, with a simple lift of the hand, musicians, audience and the performance hall falls into a hushed silence in anticipation of the music that follows. The symbol also emulates an upward soaring bird, representing the striving young musicians, reaching up and aspiring high to realize their dreams, in their pursuit of music.

About the Designer/Company
Neeta Verma is Principal and Creative Director of desigNV [design+envy]: a graphic design firm working exclusively for museums, cultural organizations, non-profits and educational institutions that delivers stories, solutions and experiences. Areas of expertise include branding and marketing, print and collateral, 3-dimensional design [exhibition and way finding], and web design/user experience. A partial listing of her clients includes: American Red Cross, NY; Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum, NY; Liberty Science Center, NJ; Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, NM; New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum, NM; The New York Botanical Garden, NY; The New York Public Library, NY; Philharmonic Orchestra of Yale University, CT; Whitney Museum of American Art, NY; The Wildlife Conservation Society (Bronx Zoo), NY. Born in India, Neeta discovered design after finishing her Bachelor’s degree. In 1989, she joined the graduate program at Yale University. The rich experience of those years opened a new world for her. She went on work in New York City. The work she undertook for the corporate clients left her uninspired and in 1996 she started her own design practice working exclusively for cultural institutions, museums and not-for-profits. The passion she developed working for these institutions endures to this day. She is also an Associate Professor in Visual Communication Design at the University of Notre Dame where she currently teaches Social Design and Visual Representation of Data. Throughout her practice she has defined the role of graphic design as one that serves as a catalyst within a societal context. She believes that as designers we have both the ability and responsibility toward a practice that is not just determined by “need” but more importantly by “relevance”. Deeply committed to design education, she brings her rich professional experience in the industry to influence, mold and inform the classroom experiences of her students.