Project: "Dual Citrus Reamer Tongs "
Company:Kool Limited
Designer(s): Ho Yip Shing Jason, Pun Cheuk Wa Francis, Hong Kong
Category: Home Interior Products, Professional
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Entry Description: Innovative new features in kitchen tongs. Combining the features of reamer and guiding pins for precise clamping, citrus reamer tongs exploit both advantages to the fullest with this most inventive and innovative design in tongs. Well-designed reamer head is perfect for clamping and extracting juice from citrus fruit. The guide pin structure keeps the tongs aligned to provides precise and firm clamping and enhanced juicing performance. 3-shift locking system allows users to handle a wide range of food and makes it easy to store. The locking knob also work as the hanging hole.

About the Designer/Company
Kool is a distinctive style housewares product maker based in Hong Kong, inspired by the realities of life. Our products continue to earn honors and international awards for its unique designs. With our perspective on balancing aesthetics and functionality, kool is recognized for producing trendy and innovative products which bring better user experience since 2003.