Project: "TEDA Administrative Approval Service Center"
Company:NTUST Architecture
Designer(s): Guosheng Zhang, Honggao Zhao, Guoliang Lv, Song Chen, Shuo Wang, Yao Liu, Taiwan
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: TEDA government recently investigated an alternative approach, "Gov. 3.0 Service Design" to reorient the process to be more people-centered. The TEDA Administrative Approval Service Center integrates government officials, citizens, policy experts and service designers collaborate through the group to design an convenient document approval service platform. It integrates information & consultancy, approval & public services, administration & coordination, and complaints & supervision. It is responsible for around 230 approval items such as the joint review for the establishment of companies and investment projects in TEDA. TEDA Gov. 3.0 service design transitions top-down process of document approval into bottom-up happy journey of everyday citizens.

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