Project: "Victoria Gate"
Designer(s): MASTERPLAN Knut Bruner, Julia Cano, Stefano Dal Piva, Lizy Huyghe, Friedrich Ludewig, Roberta Pari, Heidrun Schuhmann, Keigo Yoshida. JOHN LEWIS Michel Bosauder, Julia Cano, Pablo Carballal, Andrea Collar Loyer, Stefano Dal Piva, Marc Dufour-Feronce, Catherine Hennessy, Peter Hofstetter, Lizy Huyghe, Friedrich Ludewig, Roberta Pari, Charles Pigott, Andreas Reeg, Heidrun Schuhmann, Sofia Steffenoni, Marcos Velascos, Adam Vukmanov. VICTORIA GATE ARCADES Ana Arrebola, Javier Briasco Garcia, Ruggiero Bruno Chialastri, Stefano Dal Piva, Dave Edwards, Patrick Elborough, Catherine Hennessy, Christian H÷eller, Lovisa Lindstrom, Friedrich Ludewig, Edoardo Milli, Claudia Orsetti, Walee Phiriyaphongsak, Charles Pigott, Sara Poza Ruiz, Aemilia Ross, Elena Ruiz, Ying Teh, Irene Todero, Antonio Torres Tebar, Katrina Varian, Claudio Vilarinho, Allan Yeo MSCP Andrea Collar Loyer, Stefano Dal Piva, Catherine Hennessy, Friedrich Ludewig, Charles Pigott, Keigo Yoshida Landscape: ACME Structure: Watermans Services: Hoare Lea Fire: Hoare Lea Quantity Surveyor: Gardiner Project Manage: Gardiner Client: Hammerson Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine , United Kingdom
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: Victoria Gate is a 21st century interpretation of Leedsĺ rich architectural heritage and Victorian shopping arcades. The complex is defined by textured exteriors and a series of new passages that will reconnect the surrounding parts of the city and integrates with existing Leeds public spaces. The two new arcades were developed following a rigorous study of the key ingredients that characterise the 19th century European shopping arcades, which have often been lost in contemporary mall designs. The John Lewis store anchors the development with a sculptural diagrid fašade, which relates to the three dimensionality of civic buildings of Leeds and is reminiscent of the woven pattern of Leeds traditional textiles. The resulting diamond infill panels are either transparent or sculpted to create a terracotta decorative relief. The Multi-Storey Car Park fašade recreates the department store diagrid with an interplay of light and shadow provided by twisting aluminium fins.

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