Project: "Burj Dubai Roadshow"
Company:Brash Brands
Designer(s): John Brash, Mark Woodward, Shuey Chowdhury, United Arab Emirates
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: BRIEF: Brash Brands was given the opportunity to create and develop an exciting and stimulating brand experience to showcase and lay the foundations for the imminent launch of the world?s first Armani Residences within the world?s tallest building and luxury brand in its own right, the Burj Dubai. These events would take the shape of a series of roadshows to raise the profile of the brands internationally. The roadshows took the brands to destinations such as Milan, London, Jeddah, Moscow and Delhi and targeted key opinion formers and potential investors. DESIGN RATIONALE: The experience needed to capture the excitement and inspiration of not only key potential investors in the Burj Dubai and Armani Residences, but also start a dialogue between key opinion formers regarding the manifestation of the vision, innovation, style and aesthetic Emaar Group?s flagship brands will deliver. From the outset, it was clear that the physical experience alone would do the brands justice, so customer journeys were developed to define how best to engage with the target audiences, with 25% of the experience tailored in-situ to maximise the potential of each specific destination. The welcome had to be impactful yet understated so care was taken in the exterior and entrances in designing these areas in relationship to the venue. The exterior vinyl cladding on one of the venues in Moscow?s Luxury Village, an existing restaurant, created a dramatic and simple statement that the Moscovites would remember. The exhibition itself was made up of modular back-lit graphic panels with content developed to tell the story of the Burj Dubai and Armani Residence brands, designed to reinforce the combined luxury of both brands. The centrepiece of each exhibition was a black glass catwalk with a simple iconic stainless steel uplit model of the Burj Dubai at one end. Applications were tailored to each event ranging from branded uniforms, invitations and associations with luxury brands, including Maserati. The London event was housed in the Armani Casa Showroom in New Bond Street.

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