Project: "Upgrading KTMB Coach Train"
Company:Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) - Student
Designer(s): Noor Azlan Kasroh, Malaysia
Category: Interior Design, Student
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Entry Description: concept: Experience The Transition Every Malaysian State : Hotel on Wheel Statement: The Interior of the train is as revolutionary as journey concept, Experience the transition every Malaysian state: hotel on wheel. Enormous attention has been paid to detail and no expense has been spared in terms of the Malaysian tropical modern comfort offered by the design and the luxury of the materials. Swiss birch veneer. brushed stainless steel, natural textiles and leather: The natural material used for the interior furnishing and fitting create an essence of atmosphere. Each train is made up of 12 coaches, and passengers have four different zones: Room, Seating, Dining, and Lounge. The seat in the coaches are arrangement in rows of two: each seat is 520mm wide and thus more comfortable than the existing KTMB intercity trains. overall design use modular and multi-use design system for save the room spatial. Every seat area installed reading lamps and music earphone with individual switch and power point for electronic use such as laptop, phone charger and other.

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