Project: "Stimuli - Intelligent Lighting"
Company:Chris Natt
Designer(s): Christopher Natt, United Kingdom
Category: Home Interior Products, Student
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Entry Description: Standard lighting (as well as many mood lights) provides an artificial, characterless and ultimately unstimulating and sterile experience. The stimuli light looks at improving personal wellbeing by enabling its owners to stay more in touch with aspects of their surroundings during the course of their busy lives. The Stimuli light draws inspiration from the behaviour of plants and how they respond to changes in their environment such as sunlight exposure, moisture and temperature. The Stimuli light is a responsive lighting system whose shape and light output sensitivity alters in response to environmental changes including ambient light intensity, temperature and humidity of an environment local to the light or remotely monitored. The device communicates changes in its immediate surroundings using semantics associated with changes in colour, movement and shape. The differing effects of the light creates an atmosphere reflective of the subtle changes happening around it - a live representation of several chosen elemental factors, thus giving more character, interest and life to the immediate surroundings.

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