Project: "Motorlight Wall"
Company:Jake Dyson Ltd
Designer(s): J. ake Dyson, United Kingdom
Category: Home Interior Products, Professional
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Entry Description: The Motorlight Wall is the next generation in variable angle uplights. A wall mounted light, it can be appointed singularly or as a series. It uniquely allows the owner the ?exibility to choose a beam of between 10 and 120 degrees, providing a tight beam or wide wash of light, to suit different illumination purposes and create varying environments. It has been designed with both stylish homes and commercial buildings in mind. The Motorlight Wall is motorised and operated via a remote control, which can power up to 30 lights simultaneously, allowing you to control the shaft of light and brightness on each luminaire, individually or as a group. This enables you to synchronize multiple lights. The motorised shutter smoothly opens between maximum and minimum angle on a 45 second cycle. The remote itself strikes a beautiful form.

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