Project: "Merus Winery"
Designer(s): The UXUS team, Netherlands
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: Merus as defined in the dictionary means: (mer * us) n. [latin] 1. Pure, unmixed. 2. Complete, absolute, undiluted; especially of wine. Merus is under going a transition from a premium artisanal cult wine, to a true luxury product of the highest level. UXUS was commissioned to create an experience where customers are enveloped in the excellence and complexity of the Merus brand. The objective is to create a Winery that embodies all the Merus brand values of undiluted quality: quality, sophistication and complexity. The winery’s interior concept is refined heritage with modern sophistication, monotone classic furnishings with a contemporary twist. Mixed styles and periods come together to create an exciting and unforgettable atmosphere. Real objects, such as wine barrels and wine crates, create surprising compositions that exude “information” about their past use, giving a sense of history and “soul” to the spaces. Main Tasting Room The tasting room in the winery’s main building is a juxtaposition of elements and styles. The atmosphere is layered, complex and sophisticated, embodying the same qualities of the Merus wine. Materials and furnishings such as black granite, lacquered surfaces, custom turned wood pedestal tables, Driade sofas and other cutting edge contemporary furnishings, come together to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Cave Tasting Table The smaller tasting area in the caves is redesigned to reflect the sophisticated and eclectic style of the main tasting room. A blackboard running along the perimeter of the space displays the winemaker’s notes of vintages being sampled. Tom Dixon lamps add drama and atmospheric lighting to the underground space. Cave Events Space At the end of one of the cave main tunnels, is a large breath taking reception area for public events. The walls of the cave are painted Merus red and dramatically set off by sparkling Foscarini chandeliers. A large custom black table with turned legs is the centerpiece of the room. The space is a magical blend of contemporary furnishings, contrasted with the rustic drama of the underground cellars, creating a one-of-a-kind wine tasting experience for visitors and customers.

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