Project: "db0 Folding Electric Bike"
Company:ROBRADY design
Designer(s): Robert Brady; Erik Holmen; Dave Poirier; Dickie Herbst, United States
Category: Transportation, Professional
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Entry Description: We are passionate about everything we design and obsessed with creating branded, iconic designs that ignite the global demand fuse. With this challenge, we set out to design a series of eco-conscious user friendly e-bikes that would celebrate the concept of a “folding bike” - a series of uniquely original design solutions that would be instantly recognized as the next generation in folding e-bikes. The new “db0” bike is first in a series of electric bikes we designed that embodies our mission to design a series of clean, bold, and innovatively simple folding bikes. Our design promotes the folding mechanism as an integrated piece of the design- a “focal point” that adds visual value to the bike design unlike it has ever been done before in this market. We don’t hide the fact that this bike folds - we have made it a distinguished characteristic of the series. The battery configuration was also a special part of the design mission. It too is celebrated in its presentation on the bike and is purposefully located to be unique in the overall aesthetic. A most important element in our design mission was to appreciate the user’s needs. A smart bike when in motion that is quickly transformed into a travel sized configuration defined our goals. We created the integrated travel handles as iconic elements that would offer an aesthetic component in the “ride” configuration- hinting that there is more to know about the design- and then, as the bike is transformed to the “folded” configuration, the handles are delivered to the user in an ergonomically desired presentation. The bike is easily rolled by the user and stands upright on its own so that the hands are free and unencumbered.

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