Project: "Discovery 975"
Company:Plantronics, Inc.
Designer(s): Darrin Caddes, United States
Category: Media and Home Electronics, Professional
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Entry Description: You have enough to think about while traveling, without having to add an earpiece to your worries. The genius of the Discovery 975 is in its simplicity. Everything about this earpiece is designed to keep you connected comfortably, elegantly, clearly, and easily so you never have to think about it. A strikingly minimalist design defines the Discovery 975 - it is truly a fusion of technology and design. For down times, the Discovery 975 includes an ingenious carrying case that doubles as a charger. Perfect for airplane travel or extended down-time, the case features an internal battery that charges your earpiece while you store it, effectively tripling your call and standby time while you're on the road.

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