Project: "Argo Field Guide"
Company:Savannah College of Art & Design
Designer(s): Chris Rogers, United States
Category: Print, Student
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Entry Description: Students were tasked with creating a company or product focused on education. The company was to be branded by first exploring concept-relevant naming conventions drawn from mythology and lore. Argo is about exploring the world through communication. By providing educational tools, Argo enables the consumer to discover the world's cultures with a deeper understanding of its people. Care and respect build the framework for the Argo brand. Increased globalization has created the need for omnicultural professionals who can be sensitive to the subtle nuances of their clients' cultural practices. A brand extension was assigned to students in order to further grow the brand. The brand extension is a promotional piece designed to be a "free product" as well as promote the brand to an individual business professional. Several versions of the promotion would be created, the "Tokyo" example was designed. The versions would be made ahead of time, incorporating research into popular final destinations of global business professionals. Cities such as Tokyo, Berlin, London, etc would be detailed in a pocket guide that would give professionals an opportunity to explore the city after they have finished with their business obligations. Most overseas travel often incorporates at least one day of downtime and research indicates that many professionals who travel have a desire to get out to see a bit of "local flavor" without the hassle of the tourist experience. The promotion would be handed out on flights (in cooperation with airlines) in the business class section to those passengers who've booked a final destination appropriate to the guide. A flight who's final destination is Berlin isn't likely to also be traveling to Tokyo so dividing up the guides should not pose in significant difficulty. Additionally, an insert, sized to fit inside the guide will be placed with it. The inserts will feature upcoming events and can be quickly printed and delivered to pre-existing guides. The promotional guide and insert were designed to continue the concept of discovery, this time through personal exploration of a major city. Each guide contains targeted information to enable the traveler to select a quick or extended visit to a location depending upon his or her time-based needs. The locations were researched to have the "local appeal" in addition to "local tourist" appeal. They are divided into nightlife, entertainment and culture. Research was conducted with personal acquaintences who are required to travel extensively, they're surprising feedback on the desire to mingle with locals and do some minor exploring is what informed this promotional piece. Further research into the locale featured (Tokyo) and Japanese etiquette and custom created the content for the piece. The guide is designed as 4"x7" with a fold-out map built into the back cover. There are three duplex spreads with a fourth split to form the inside cover. Signatures are stitch-bound. It was designed to be small and light. Icons are incorporated in each section to point out specific locations on the Tokyo map. The map is a simplification of Tokyo's metro and train lines. The standard Tokyo map is quite confusing for all but the local people and only the major lines are shown with directions to the locations available to use only these lines. The insert is also 4"x7" and follows the same inner design-style with upcoming information, timed to be within a month of projected arrival. On the reverse of the schedule is an extended explanation of the most important facet of Japanese etiquette: the bow.

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