Project: "BBC Memoryshare"
Company:magneticNorth (mN)
Designer(s): magnetic North (mN), United Kingdom
Category: Multimedia, Professional
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Entry Description: Memoryshare is a living, breathing archive for the public to share their memories within. It invites them to delve inside a ‘time spiral’ to explore and discover memories about everything from pivotal world events to people’s memories of their favourite childhood foods. mN were appointed in January 2009 to redesign the site, which originally launched in 2007, and in the process radically transformed the users experience of the site. Delivering an innovative, vibrant interface (created using BoomZoom, a 3D engine built by mN specifically for the project) and a playful navigation for people to engage with. The site allows for a unique, charming and memorable visualisation of the timeline of memories.

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