Project: "IKEA Signage and Symbols"
Company:Temasek Design School
Designer(s): Tan Mui Joo, Singapore
Category: Print, Student
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Entry Description: IKEA is a home furnishing store. Our project brief is to create IKEA signage, symbols and directional system. Our response is to develop an effective basic signage system and understanding of traffic movement. IKEA’s corporate colours, blue and yellow are used for IKEA signage. I create 8 new IKEA directional arrow symbols. IKEA cups are chosen for directional system. The top view of 8 of the cups and the handle of remaining cups represent the arrow. Introducing a new character gives a refreshing look to IKEA’s symbols. I create 12 new IKEA’s symbols in colours as well as black and white. The line thickness and proportions need to be maintained for each symbol. This creates good visibility and leaves enough space for the motif to be clearly defined within the frame.

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