Project: "MILK Annual Report 2010"
Company:Temasek Design School
Designer(s): Chong Jia Ying Jasmine, Singapore
Category: Print, Student
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Entry Description: MILK(Mainly I Love Kids) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help disadvantaged children. The concept stemming from the exclamation - “Children drive me nuts” - uses nuts as metaphors for the potential within every child. The title catches attention, arouses curiousity and becomes the slightly cheeky tone-of-voice for the annual report. The concept aims to bring across the potential that all children possess regardless of their disadvantaged background and whatever difficult behavior they may manifest as a result of this. Such children who receive the right support can prove to bring a positive impact to society. Nuts are used as metaphors because within their hard shells lie the gems. This concept becomes an apt way to describe children who are more than what their outward physical appearance suggest. The color scheme is made up of muted pastel shades to bring a sense of softness to the report. The illustrations are naive and simple to capture the innocence and genuineness of children.

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