Project: "Tung Lok Group's Annual Report"
Company:Temasek Design School
Designer(s): CHUA YU MAY, Singapore
Category: Print, Student
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Entry Description: This annual report is for the Singapore-listed company "Tung Lok Restaurants (2000) Ltd)". The concept for this AR is in relation to the game of chinese chess (??). This intelligent game is used to represent how important the individual roles of each symbol is crucial to make the game complete, just like how the different people involved with Tung Lok Group are so important to them (as reflected in their corporate values). I related each character to the various sections of the annual report. For example, the Horse represented the Board of Directors: The Horse manuvers in the most unique manner and pattern, representing the strategic and innovative ways the board of directors lead the team to ensure a greater experience for their consumers. Also, the dividers for each section, along with the character, include small elements of ingredients as I still wanted the AR to have a food element since the company is afterall in the F&B industry. Each beneficial food ingredient also relates to the individual sections. And since the company's restaurants are directed to fine dining, I felt that using the plain wooden chess set would be inappropriate. Therefore, I digitally manipulated the chess pieces to make them look like they're made of porcelain. The entire layout and colour scheme of the annual report is simple, clean and sophisticated, projecting the Group's current image. For the container of the AR, I used a chinese embroidered button for the closure to enhance their niche for chinese fusion cuisine.

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