Project: "Fluoro6"
Designer(s): Miguel Valenzuela, Arron Curran, Australia
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Fluoro magazine is a biannual design magazine, which was developed to test and explore the boundaries of both print and design with a distinctive raw Melbourne (Australia) edge. In a world that is Fluoro, our audience falls into the soul of art and design to confront a new way of gaining inspiration. Fluoro is a statement of raw authenticity, a vision that has unearthed 40 pages of design energy challenging both the boundaries of print and design. Each page flows from that vision. Fluoro uses three different types of paper stocks Nordset, Novatech and Look!, (all from one environmentally sustainable paper mill), is printed using vege-based inks and experiments with a series of design methods, such as cold foiling. The result: pure inspiration for our global audience. Looking in depth, each copy of Fluoro is stitched down the middle and reflective of one of the articles within the magazine titled “The Thread of This Story”, which tests a different way of binding. Experimental cold foiling is used in many different ways across the cover and throughout the five image spreads, enhancing the visual impact of the spreads. Fluoro uses elements from Melbourne, the city from where the designers gain much of their inspiration! These elements were used to create a distinctive feel throughout the magazine, allowing iconic Melbourne locations to play a part in the feel of the magazine as well as reflecting a series of articles touched on within each issue. From the beginnings of life as a house magazine, Fluoro provided the team with not only an outlet for expression, but also a way for them to challenge their own creative boundaries. The direction changed with a pilot issue – Fluoro5 – until the bigger, design packed new generation Fluoro6 was launched in October 2009. Fluoro6 aims to inspire. Fluoro’s life as a print publication means that it can be held, touched and smelt, letting each and every page make a difference and affect readers in more ways than one. When Fluoro is experienced, conventional vision is denied.

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