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Project: "At different angles"
Company:Atsuhito Kitora,Japan
Designer(s): Reiko Kitora, Japan
Category: Industrial and Life Science Design, Professional
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Entry Description: Isn't your house slanting at different angles? A house is hand-built. There is an acceptable range, but some errors may be observed at the end result. The earthquake-resistant design is emphasized in recent years. So, why don't we check the slant of a floor by ourselves.Are there any tools that easy to check the slant of a floor?It's 4cm in the length and compact globe.Just put and roll it on the floor and check its bubbles. The small communication module and the measurement sensor to transmit information are builtin the compact globe. The result of a measurement is in real time transmitted to the server in the Internet.Because the kinetic energy is converted into the electrical energy by the thing that the ball rotates, the fuel is unnecessary. It is possible to use it when almost permanent because clean energy that doesn't exhaust CO2 is continuously obtained. The surface of the ball should not wipe averting, processing, and dirt with titania off.

About the Designer/Company
I believe that the design is the foundation of business strategy instead of an added value or subsequently obtained status. Consistent strategy from branding to product development can survive in an intensifying competitive society. You consider the design as an important element of management strategy and believe that the value revealed during a design building process is important for illuminating your vision of management and narrowing down the direction of the design. I think you want to build your design into shining one and keep it shining more brightly by making the design fuse with the business instead of making the design into a special existence. As a designer, I have built spaces with superior function, performance and design, and offered comfortable spaces where anyone is happy to stay living by ensuring safety and peace of mind. ■Planning new designs for industrialized houses ■Design supervision for presentation of new houses ■Design supervision for overseas projects ■Organizing designs of specific furnishings and small objects ■Art directions for promotional catalogues ■Development of evaluation system for used and collective houses