Project: "Water Purification Device"
Company:Saltuk Karayalcin
Designer(s): Saltuk Karayalcin, Turkey
Category: Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation, Student
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Entry Description: Having identified a gap in the industry of water purifiers for Developing Countries with a large market potential of customers such as WaterAid, CAFOD and WaterForAfrica, a maintenance-free, long life-span, motion enabled water purification device Potável was developed. This product was later deemed patent-worthy by IstanbulPatent sealed with a European Patent application, EP10171793.2, thanks to its 99.9% effective UV purification mechanism, non-pneumatic tyres and custom fail-safe valve mechanism. 50L water capacity, 40L carrier basket, below £40 direct (material & manufacture) cost, fast purification rate of all 50L in under 2 hours, and an ergonomic and healthy transportation system has given Potável a competitive edge, covering all the water related issues of people living under poverty levels, away from clean water supply. Use of the “Imagination Diamond” and the “Concept Fan” with guidance of thoroughly established Product Design Specification Points including topics such as performance, safety, materials, product life span and ergonomics have helped generate a creative range of concepts and allowed for funnelling ideas through the development stage to reach Potável. It incorporates 2 standard 6V, 3W bottle dynamos, a 6V 4W UV-C light bulb, a custom fail-safe valve controlled by a PCB, 26?? non-pneumatic 5 spoke wheels on either side, 2 chambers and a dip coated handle bar which also forms the rest bar, structure of the unit, a simple tap and a strategically placed LED showing the function of the product. www.dailymotion.com/video/xebh1k_potavel-water-purification-device-p_tech

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