Project: "OPSM Eye Hub by e2"
Designer(s): e2, Australia
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Entry Description: Luxottica’s OPSM Eye Hub – Flagship Store Design Location: 174-176 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, Victoria Launch: July 26, 2010 Objectives: The team at Luxottica has watched their industry become steadily decimated to little more than a price war. Luxottica came to e2 to transform the category and change the way consumers buy glasses. Solution: The solution was a customised design that put the consumer at its heart – fusing the use of the five senses to create a retail environment that catered to the specific needs and wants of OPSM customers. The end goal of the design was to create a space that made customers want to linger, and feel comfortable enough to do so. OPSM Eye Hub offers diagnostic optometry, eye education, fashion sunglasses, spectacles and eye care under one roof. It is the first and only store of its kind in Australia, covering a massive 1450 square metres of space in Victoria’s Hawthorn shopping district. At the centre of the Hub is a cylindrical design feature, symbolic of a retina, which includes an inner customer chamber with luxury products and has a re-skinnable Supergraphics exterior. For the purpose of live product testing, web cams have been seamlessly integrated in the surface of all mirrors. Wind and sport simulators, complete with bike and treadmill, allow customers to experience the effect of wind and glare on the products they are trialing. Seven themed optometry rooms and a dedicated kids zone have also been created, radically changing the optometry experience from clinical to comfortable, and accommodating for every type of customer. Results: Press and customers alike have heralded the Eye Hub as the “future of retail” for store environments worldwide. Since its launch in July 2010, the design has received significant media coverage by renowned publications such as Sydney Morning Herald, Ad Age, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Ninemsn featured the story in a Channel 9 special August 19th and Inside Retailing’s September issue named the Eye Hub “Store of the Future” on its cover. Most importantly, the new design has allowed Luxottica to achieve and surpass their financial targets.

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