Project: "Sir Run Run Shaw Hall @ CUHK"
Company:Barrie Ho Architecture Interiors Ltd
Designer(s): Barrie Ho , Angie Pi, Hong Kong
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: Renovation of Sir Run Run Shaw Hall, CUHK Significance of Sir Run Run Shaw Hall A venue for solemn occasions and multiple functions The Design Solution aims at achieving a combination of acoustics and aesthetics, while also maintain and create a “Sense of Solemnity” Foyer: • Accommodating arts and cultural functions, student activities, during lunch and after hours, seasonal functions etc; • Entrance and reception area for the auditorium; • Gathering point for assemblies and examinations; (1) Floor: • Hard and durable granite is chosen for the Floor Finish for durability and a sense of solemnity; (2) Feature Wall: • Maintain the Original Artwork on the wall designed by Mr. Freeman Lau; • Use of acoustic panels in the appearance of Timber to give a warm, articulate and scholarly feeling; • Accommodates multiple functions: Enquiry Counter, Fire Exits, Auditorium Entrance, Public Notice Board, Artwork by Mr. Freeman Lau; • The variety of functions unified and aligned under one light trough for a more orderly visual unity; • The skillful lighting from the light trough illuminates the Artwork, and also the signage of Box Office and Gallery. (3) Ceiling • Light Troughs to conceal E&M equipment in dark colour; • Light Troughs house different kind of lighting (simple down lighting, spotlight, etc) for different purposes; • Light Troughs aligned parallel to the floor patterns, to elongate visual perspective and enhance sense of space; (4) Emblem Wall • University Emblem is suspended at the top with Dignity; • New display devices are installed for all types of exhibits; • AV and lighting improved; (5) Entrance • Glass doors to enhance literal transparency to both sides; Auditorium • Accommodating university and college functions, such as assemblies, examinations, inauguration, graduations, seminars, arts and cultural functions, etc; • Venue for notable guests; • Venue where all students graduate, with heavy memorial value; Renovation: Not implying heavy works worthy elements are only renewed and remain. More technically challenging than installing everything new from zero (1) Acoustic Panels • The original form of Acoustic Panels are remained to retain alumni’s collective impression; • New colours in gradation to renew the boxes and freshen visual impact upon arrival; • Gradient colours applied to the acoustic panels to enhance audience’s visual perspective; • Deepest colour closest to the stage to correspond to Proscenium in a stage setup (A must for every stage); (2) Ceiling • Acoustic Panel Strips rearranged to align with the acoustic panels on the sides for a more neat visual continuity; (3) Balcony • New Glass Balustrades along the balcony creating a lightweight profile echoing the new interior design; (4) Floor • Durable Vinyl Floor Stripes repaved to fit the new interior design and existing Fixing Details of demountable seats.

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