Project: "Dancing Lion board short."
Company:Monogum Creative
Designer(s): Alan Lee, Hong Kong
Category: Sportswear, Professional
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Entry Description: This is the unique board short design with dancing lion graphic. Dancing Lion is an integral part of Hong Kongs culture to this day. The Lion Dance, a tradition dance in Chinese culture, is performed by two people symbolizing luck and fortune. The dance is known for its aesthetic, skillful and high-spirited elements. Above all, its funny, energetic, and lifts the mood of spectators.

About the Designer/Company
I’m Alan Lee, a graphic designer based in Hong Kong. My portfolio is an eclectic mix of national and international clients from US, Russia, Estonia, China, and Australia, creating logos and brand identities for companies of all sizes. Having worked on several international design projects since 2004, I’ve gained an in-depth understanding of global design concepts.