Project: "A Live-in Factory in Dongguan"
Designer(s): DANNES KOK, Hong Kong
Category: Architecture Categories, Student
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Entry Description: Dongguan is an industrial city. Dongguan, which is located at the north of Shenzhen, is an important industrial zone within the pearl river delta region. However, the existing local worker population could not support the mega industrial market. Thus enormous migrant workers are employed there. In 2008, almost 80% of the populations were mobile, This figure also included these migrant workers. However, their life has no social protection. their dongguan citizenship is questionable. They even do not have chance to communicate with the public due to its long working hour and confined working place. This design is to dig out the potential of architecture on contributing to the worker’s life. the factory programs are studied. The circulation of conveying belt is discovered as the possibility to improve the workers circulation so as to enhance the chances of interacting with the public as well as among workers themselves.

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