Project: "litl"
Designer(s): Yves Behar, Josh Morenstein, Naoya Edahiro, Nick Cronan, fuseproject, United States
Category: Media and Home Electronics, Professional
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Entry Description: Litl The litl is a new iconic webbook that is streamlined and affordable for everyday home entertainment use. litl is an easy to use device with a never-before-seen easel mode that functions primarily for entertainment purposes. The litl design concept was heavily focused on functionality with the utmost simplicity and ease. litl is meant to be a 2nd or 3rd computer in your home. It isnít intended to replace your main computer or perform the work related tasks that execute large programs and files. Both the product and OS are simple and minimal, yet visually interesting, in a way that is both intuitive and encouraging for the user. litl creates a streamlined interface with only five types of content: Internet, e-mail, media, apps, and channels. It has one home button on the laptop that stands out and is easy to locate. This extreme simplicity makes litl accessible to people young and old, from techhead to technophobe. It is not a typical netbook so the functions donít affect or compromise the visual and media experience. With a simple wheel on both the computer and itís remote, it is easier than ever to flip between content. Itís a multipurpose entertainment computer perfect for family time or personal pleasure. Unlike conventional laptops, the litl screen can flip about 320į around to achieve ďeaselĒ mode, where the computer actually stands up on its own, displaying only the screen. Though it is a compact computer, litl does not sacrifice on features; it only weighs 3.4 lbs, but has a full sized keyboard and screen for comfortable use. litlís screen boasts a 178-degree viewing angle, while most other laptops only have a 60-degree viewing angle. There is no distortion or ghosting while lying in bed watching a movie. Itís unbelievably bright and itís practically sunlight readable, perfect to enjoy alone or with others. The details of the color palette and branding continue the userís holistic experience. litlís Robinís egg blue accent color stands out from the mundane lineup of typical laptops. The identity yields a soft, friendly, approachable personality that beckons the user to play with it. There is a wheel on the hinge area of litl, which is echoed in the simple remote, to facilitate easy switching between content. The small action of turning the wheel allows you to scroll through your favorite ďchannelsĒ. Channels are predefined or user-generated placeholders for content. Streaming TV can be a channel, as could your own private media. Users are able to switch from one task to another easily without interrupting their train of thought or activity. Unlike standard laptops, litl comes equipped with a plug and play HDMI port to connect to the TV. There are no special settings, no messing around with drivers to plug it in; the simplicity furthers itís user-friendly interface. The litl webbook is a new take on the standard netbook. Without the confusing computer complications that can easily diminish a userís experience, litl is an intuitive and streamlined way to access your entertainment.

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