Project: "KLEXL-Interactive Gaming"
Company:Dario Jandrijic
Designer(s): Dario Jandrijic, Germany
Category: Media and Home Electronics, Professional
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Entry Description: Dario Jandrijic's KLEXL lets your kids go Sistine Chapel on the walls More than a few parents have discovered that a few minutes of divided attention is all it takes for their tyke to blaze a graffiti burner across the living room wall. Junior's gotta express himself, so what to do? University of Wuppertal ID student Dario Jandrijic's KLEXL Interactive Painting concept is for a projector that allows digital wall painting by means of an IR tracking camera. Light pens take the place of crayons, light pixels take the place of those Neo-Expressionist smears, and plugging this thing into the wall'd be a damn sight easier than laying down a tarp and rolling over your child's masterpiece. Plus you can presumably save the images, and reproject them years later when you want to humiliate your child, now in design school, for his poor sense of composition and line quality.

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