Project: "Cargal Offices"
Company:Axelrod Design
Designer(s): Irit Axelrod, Orit Tsabari, United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Corporate headquarters of The Cargal Group (a multidisciplinary packaging concern), are located in its cardboard factory (the main industry of the group). The unique location of the offices gave us the opportunity to make a design statement which is involving and in keeping with the relationship between the factory and high-end offices. A composition of clean lines provides contrast, as the ceiling has its own rules with a playfully random arrangement of lighting fixtures, merging into the stricter orthogonal rules of the lighting fixtures along the walls. The visual connection has been kept through a 30-foot long linear glass slot located in the wall connecting the offices/factory spaces. The material of this wall, as well as the other main wall between the spaces, is made out of concrete blocks, the only rough material conceptually connecting both worlds. The use of a sealed concrete floor, glass walls, and minimalist lighting fixtures contribute to the modernist aesthetic. The designer specified various furniture and designed particular furnishings that have the simplicity, yet the sophistication, of classic pieces. The whole presents the observer with multiple planes of reflections, enlarging the space while making the environment more dynamic—resulting in a complexity that is both spare and elegant. The extended use of glass also provides transparency, suggestive of the quality of transparency prized in a business environment. The final look is that of a white and light serene “bubble” in the middle of the intensive/industrial atmosphere of a factory. The overall impression is one of a forward-thinking company housed in a sleek, meticulous office, in the center of a hectic environment, evoking a quite power without being over-powering.

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