Project: "Windscraper"
Company:FIT/SUNY, Professor
Designer(s): Johannes M.P. Knoops, United States
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: “Windscraper” Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York Thanks to its rotating exterior shell… “Windscraper” can face, catch and channel prevailing winds into a series of wind turbines running vertically up two sides. Comprised of polymer membranes stretched over lightweight frames, this double-wall construction has an independent exterior shell supported from tracks along each floor’s slab. Made of ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafloroethylene) the membranes weigh 1% the weight of glass. Linked to geo-thermal heating this double-wall serves as a plenum for conditioned air, while the micro-perforated interior membrane permits conditioned air to filter in. “Smart blinds” line the perimeter. Capable of flipping, contracting and expanding, on command they either deter or collect solar heat gains. Sited on Coney Island this magical tower references such famous lightweight structures as the Cyclone, Ferris wheel and parachute jump, while aspiring to the poetry of kites on the beach.

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