Project: "Infant Hospital Bassinet"
Company:Tanya Nazywalskyj
Designer(s): Tanya Nazywalskyj, Canada
Category: Industrial and Life Science Design, Student
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Entry Description: The Infant Hospital Bassinet titled LuBlu; meaning love in Ukrainian, is a redesign of the dated bassinets used today. The LuBlu is an environment for new born to live in while in a hospital setting. LuBlu was designed taking into consideration the needs of the hospital staff, the parents and mostly the well being of the infant.

About the Designer/Company
I am a detail oriented, Solidworks-enthusiast, and Industrial Design graduate with a DEC in Industrial Design Techniques. My focus is on manufacturing processes and technical development, with a particular interest in children's toys and educational tools. My passion for design and manufacturing has also led me to regularly explore flea markets and garage sales for bicycle components, as I enjoy rebuilding and refurbishing ten speed, steel-framed bicycles during my spare time.