Project: "FOIL "
Company:Tiziana Lorenzelli
Designer(s): Tiziana Lorenzelli, Italy
Category: Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation, Professional
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Entry Description: FOIL is a multiuse object conceived as a versatile and innovative vase for flowers and Ikebana. It exploits technology to the essential and shows how low cost mass production could pursue conceptual and social value. FOIL is constituted by a bi-dimensional geometric shape given by the designer, who becomes a volume through the intervention of the user. The plan is not absolute or definitive but it takes structure thanks to the aesthetic perception of the customer, assuming his identity and personality. The long search and the design development have brought to this extremely malleable material that maintains the shape desired once filled up with water or other. The sheet is composed by different layers of aluminum, a polyethylene foil and external varnishing and it is made by a complex engineering process that only a few international companies are in a position to realize. Delicate thin aluminum mirrored and decorated sheets, are coupled and glued with sophisticated technologies that donít damage the different side patterns and successively a superficial paint is applied to protect it for longtime. The user creates the container to hold flowers and other, in Zen terms we plan the empty. This material is not only recyclable but also re-usable, because can be re-invented many time.

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