Project: "InBetween House"
Designer(s): Koji Tsutsui, Satoshi Ohkami, United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: This artificially leveled site in a scenic area surrounded by Japanese larch trees, unused for thirty years, was clients’ ideal location for their home as a daily retreat from their work in congested Tokyo. To create a cultural & sustainable house that seamlessly blend into the surrounding, we decided to use a primitive form of a cottage in a new way. InBetween House is conceived as a collection of single-pitch roof cottages that is clad in the local larch wood siding and built in the traditional Japanese wood construction method. Each cottage is a room, spaced apart from one another and set at 30 degree increments to best fit the site’s topography and to face a unique view. The gap left between them, captured as a living room or a circulation space by the connecting roofs, is a fluid open public space that feels like being outside looking at mountains in the distance. Since these connecting roofs bend & fold to connect the cottages at multiple angles & heights, the in-between space result in spatial & structural warpage. We integrated the traditional wood construction with local materials into our design for cultural sustainability and articulated a set of design rules of cottage placements and connections, which allowed the house to be freely arranged to satisfy any requirements and adoptable to any future changes or additions prolonging its building life for building sustainability.

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