Company:Mengwen Xiang
Designer(s): Mengwen Xiang, United States
Category: Print, Student
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Entry Description: To be attractive, you don't need to be David Beckham or Jessica Albam, you can be a super charming star in your life as long as you read the book. This book uses a teasing way to teach people how to behave sexier. It classified top 10 "DO and DONTS" for men and women as a guidebook. The reason we call this book "Holy Bible" is because when you are reading a book like this one, to avoid embarrassing moment,you might never want other people to know!

About the Designer/Company
I've get both marketing and creative design professional training in undergraduate school and graduate school. To better understand the client's needs and find a right solution for each of my clients is my job. I realize that I'm pretty good at it. In creative design, I believe that everything needs a reason.