Project: "Flower Power"
Designer(s): Mea'ad Al-Abboud, Saudi Arabia
Category: Other Products designs, Student
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Entry Description: FLOWER POWER is a Flower Vase The main idea of this project is to design a vase that has a magic to change the colors of the flowers. By using this vase, users can come up with numerous of different results which are depend on their experiments. Flowers have been valued for thousands of years. As a source of fragrance, a gift, a decoration or just a pick-me-up, flowers have a place in every part of our lives. Flowers have always been associated with special occasions and there are traditional flowers for most. The design includes only 50 anodized aluminum tubes on a corian black base with 100 holes to give the user more exiting and be part of this experiment to change the arrangement every time and see new result every time. This is an experiment shows the flowers reaction toward colors before and after. Pivoine flower has strong reaction to colors, and it has a very nice effect especially with mixing colors on the same flower. The food colors appear faster on Pivoine rather than other flowers.

About the Designer/Company
Mea’ad is the owner and principle of Mea'ad Obeid Al Abboud Decoration Works Establishment. Her Interior Design degree, which she completed at Dar Al-Hekma Privet College in Jeddah, has given a strong foundation to her technical skills which she decided to develop further by working on a different scale, thus determining her choice of a Master in Product Design. Designing involves a lot of long, complex and intricate processes and the application of basic practical skills, so it was crucial for her to pursue her advanced studies in a motivating and challenging environment. Mea’ad chose to join ECAL, a prominent school of design based in Lausanne, because their curriculum is based on projects that students undertake under the supervision of renowned designers and are presented to the Research & Development teams of distinctive brands in the luxury industry.