Project: "Listening to dance"
Company:Lasy Dean
Designer(s): Dean Shim, United Kingdom
Category: Print, Student
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Entry Description: Multi exposed on medium format film Printed on Kodak Metallic paper Dance is a visual language which is intimately entwined with emotions. Illustrate music through the movements and expressions of dance. It has been grouped each set of images according to the movements within the music’s structure and intervals. Each 3 minute and 49 second sections of music is now combined into single image which have been composited together. Dedicate this project to my friend who cannot hear the music.

About the Designer/Company
Education 2008-2011 Kingston University B.A Honors in Graphic Design & Photography 1998-2004 Hansung University B.E Honors in Mechanic System Engeneering Experience 11. 2011 The Other Art Fair, London, UK 09. 2011 Published on ‘The Uptempo’ magazine, Sep./Oct. issue, New york, USA 09. 2011 Contemporary Art ‘September Issue’, London, UK 08. 2011 ‘Art Crawl’ Exhibition 07. 2011 The-Work-Shop gallery exhibition 06. 2011 London show ‘Step trip step’ 2004-2006 Korea AirForce Airman first class and Graphic designer of a battalion 2002-2003 SJPension company founder, Graphic designer and photographer