Project: "The Masterpiece"
Company:Mon Deco
Designer(s): Leo Yeung, Hong Kong
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: To achieve an effect of roundedness in partition and harmoniousness in the overall setting, the TV wall was intentionally built as a slightly curved wall matched with two sets of respectively gray and beige-colored sofas to form a comfortable sitting area. The bay window was covered with softly comfortable cushions to accommodate quite a number of guests. The TV wall was made of marble, exactly the same material as that of the floor. Though it looks rather simple, efforts were spent on this set of wall in terms of measuring, cutting and assembling. Embedded in the wall is a secret door leading to the guest washroom. Missing a single centimeter in measurement would have failed in producing a wall that fitted the purpose. To parallel the TV wall, even the bar was specifically designed on the shape. Producing such a huge piece of marble required separate parts to be assembled on site. Difficulty rested in monitoring the interface of those assembled parts. Considering the family seldom stays home for meals, a table for six will be just right for the space and purpose. An oval marble-top dining table is a choice that goes after refinement and ingenuity. The master bedroom was moved and reproduced as a well-equipped suite, a self-contained cozy master bedroom was created through the use of visual and focus-shifting effects. Dark-colored headboard and twin cabinets resulted in a unique effect of extended space. A white picture frame was inserted in the hollowed wall space above the headboard. A bright-colored oil painting now acts as the focal centre and with back light from behind, attention will be miraculously shifted. The children’s rooms were custom-made, both children can keep a room of their own, while simultaneously ensuring that space in the daughter’s room is well utilized, partition between the rooms was designed for flexibility, and they can enjoy privacy in their own room. . The boy’s room occupies more space as the girl study out of town : a writing desk and cushioned seats made out of the wide windowsill, a simple bed, a wardrobe built along the wall. False ceiling in the form of layered steps was designed to hide the beams, the room was enriched in visual effects. In contrast, the girl’s room, smaller in size, the windowsill acts as the main platform for her bed. Bearing in mind the size of her room and avoiding the look of a cramped living space, a sense of playfulness in space became the solution. The bed platform was designed to appear oval in shape, steering the focus onto the lovely bed shape, which again comes into complete harmony with the curved window contour.

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