Project: "Frohne eClip"
Designer(s): Derrick Frohne, United States
Category: Media and Home Electronics, Student
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Entry Description: World's first paperclip USB which measures distance in millimeters and centimeters. I had a simple idea to make a flash drive that's multi-functional, innovative, and unique.

About the Designer/Company
In 2011, Frohne was founded while the Derrick Frohne was in college. He observed a problem with many USB flash drives. Most USB flash drives had one function and that was to save data. With all of his savings, he developed multifunctional computer peripherals such as the Florida Key USB flash drive, eClip USB flash drive, and microSDHC +1. His idea to infuse functionality in each computer peripheral shaped the business. In 2014, Frohne launched a new brand called Gentle Bees. Gentle Bees is a brand of natural candles, lip balm, soap, and lotion made of beeswax and exotic organic ingredients designed & manufactured in Austin-Texas.