Project: "Discus Dental Nuance"
Designer(s): RKS Team, United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Nuance is a composite delivery system designed for use by dentists and dental assistants when performing tooth restorations or filling cavities in the fast-paced dental operatory. It's a simple way to dispense Discus' valuable nano-composite resin while saving time, effort and money in the process. The design helps dental assistants perform their jobs more efficiently, better protects the light-sensitive product, reduces costs for dentists, and elevates branding opportunities for Discus. Informed by extensive field research, the resulting design now permits users to better dispense and track material usage amid the managed chaos which reduces waste and boosts profits. The design also ensures the syringe provides at-a-glance visual indication of relative usage and remaining material, an easy and ergonomic operation, as well as an appropriate professional aesthetic.

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