Project: "Ohmic cooker"
Company:Food Industry Research and Development Institute
Designer(s): Po Hsiang, Chang / Wei Lang, Lee / Feng Chiu, Liu / Shao Meng, Chiu/B. Barry Yang , Taiwan
Category: Home Interior Products, Professional
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Entry Description: The design of “Ohmic Cooker” utilizes the patented ohm heating method by the Food Industry Research and Development Institute of Taiwan. The design does not require a heating device like conventional electric cooker. It uses the food (placed in the container) as the resistance of an electric circuit, the passage of electric current through the food (resistance) to produce heat, which cooks the food. It works with any food conducting electricity, and is proven to work best with food in liquid form, such as soup, chowder, braising food…etc. Ohmic cooking cooks food significantly faster than conventional slow cooker. Suitable for the fast paced busy modern life, and also consumes much less energy in cooking which makes it environmentally friendly.

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