Project: "THE RIBBON"
Company:KLID(Kris Lin Interior Design)
Designer(s): Kris Lin & Jiayu Yang, China
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Such as "Dance of the Ribbon", with open spatial scale, overall space is white, make use of the concept of furniture posting, shape a relationship connecting with the space, the most special is the relationship between the wall and the cabinet, integrate desk with ceiling and ground, break out section by irregular geometry deliberately, not only cover excessive amount of defects of the beam but also show the modern actual concept, showing an curve-style abstract idea of ribbon through the reflection of light The customized irregular furniture in line with the irregular ribbon sculpt creates a new vision of home space. As original space is narrow and lighting is not enough, transform some walls into glass segment, retaining the space segment and also achieve to amplify the space.

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