Project: "Dragonís DNA - Function Hall for the Orient Empire"
Company:Tien Fun Interior Planning Co., Ltd.
Designer(s): Ching-Ping Chang, Chih-Li Tang, Chun-Erh Yeh, Louis Law, Yu-Yu Liao, Mei-Chih Wang, Taiwan
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: Put the persistence and innovation on top of the tradition; not just create the dazzling mass body. Within the design, it has the old soul familiar to both the orient and occidental worlds. Use the originally oriental montage design to interpret the DNA of the dragon. Then derive the modeling and architectural texture and modernize the old wisdom like bringing in the surface layer of the space. Sinicize the western designs and have them internalize the layout of the structure. Internationalize the combined east and west and bring in new thrills and hopes.

About the Designer/Company
Tien-Fun was established on 1988 at Tienmu, Taiwan and is now roots in Taichung. We are specializing in high end residential design and showflat design throughout Asia. Our design team consists of more than 20 experienced designers and specializing in different design styles, such as Asian style, Classic styles, Modern style and Retro style etc. A project would assign to a designer which most familiar with the client's request.